Is it beneficial for athletes to take a break from training once their seasonal sport begins?

The answer is no. As important as your off/pre-season training is; your in- season rest regenerate and recovery routines are just as important. In my 20 years of experience both as a player and in the sports training field, I have seen many athletes physically and mentally exhaust themselves or “hit the wall.” Subsequently, their performance declined and/or they were injured. The implementation of effective recovery strategies will not only help you avoid exhaustion, but actually improve your performance on the playing field or court during the season.

That’s what our in-season maintenance program will help you accomplish. The 1 day per week program is designed to help the athlete maintain all the great results they’ve accomplished in the off-season and to ensure optimal performance during the season. It is not as intense as our off-season/pre-season program because it’s designed to aid in performance recovery and injury prevention while, again, helping maintain the results they’ve achieved.

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