One Way Speed Training is committed to serving as the preferred speed training source in the Central Valley.  We focus on the student athletes’ overall conditioning, speed and strength; especially in the off-season. One Way Speed Training is the key for athletes to achieve success.


About Our Programs

Our programs are designed to help athletes enhance speedagility, and explosiveness through a focus on:

  1. Running Form
  2. Explosive Movements
  3. Footwork
  4. Flexibility
  5. Balance
  6. Hand/Eye/Body Coordination
  7. & Strength Training

We use proven, sports science-based methods and techniques and specialized revolutionary equipment to help athletes achieve performance goals while also developing mental toughness.

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The One Way Difference

“I believe that developing Character is as important as physical development and I use my life & Professional experiences to help athletes understand and develop those critical character traits that will help them be successful in sports and in life; while making them faster in the process.” – Kevin Swayne, Founder – One Way Speed Training

After completing one of our programs, we want athletes to feel the fastest they’ve ever felt in their lives. We want them to crave the results we produce and never settle for less than the Standards of Excellence One Way Speed Training sets.